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mardi 29 novembre 2011

How to be happy with your econo Cognitive Dissonance..Why be happy?

As the feared Italian's Bonds Auction  results were available on Reuters  and Blomberg, markets ripped high.
All markets.
Euro in particular.

A case of cognitive dissonance: what was there to be so happy about?

A sudden gift from the Greek and the Roman Gods? Some trillions poured all of a  sudden  in the Repubblica Italiana piggy bank?


Yields rised to fearfully  close to 8%
Bid to Cover was an unfaithful  1.5

While  the day fade out  with the colors of the screens  I remember the old large sheet of brown  paper ,  the  10.000 Lire bank note in 1962.

Let's get soon back to the old habits.

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