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mardi 29 novembre 2011

NEWSPAPERS ARTICLE: CLAUDIO BORGHI //The return of the lira can get us out of economic crisis


FROM "Il Giornale"

The return of the lira can get us out of economic crisis

The output of the euro with a ratio of 1 to 1 would have been very positive for our economy, as evidenced by increasingly detailed studies

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And if the euro ended barrels during the New Year? And if we begin 2012 with a new internally converted 1 to 1 pound with the euro now and free to float against other currencies? Did they not say that circulate increasingly detailed studies on the consequences of a return to the lira and that many simulations ahead very positive for the economy of this choice? We have said that the best date to make the change may be the one New Year's Eve, with the option of closing banks transactions and freeze for a few days, minimizing complications and accounting (since the year would be all in the same currency) damages for both the production as it would be simply a kind of long weekend holiday? No, the fact that we speak is a mystery, because none of this can be done without your consent. Let's step back.
If you were told that your heart is sick, you can not go on a lot and that the only salvation are two possibilities for the transplant or a mechanical prosthesis, it certainly does not waste a minute, we will inform you in a hurry, you assess the pros and cons of different alternatives, and especially the feasibility. For example, if the transplant was the preferred solution, but realistically there was no donor, then it would be logical to at least prepare quickly for the prosthesis. In Italy, however, the logic seems to defect. By now even the slowest among the economists are becoming convinced that the ultimate solution of the crisis is that some time passes and we highlight only two ways: by a transformation that allows the ECB to provide eurozone debt (all) if necessary by creating money (with the inevitable transfer of sovereignty of states to a central government of the economy), or with the return of national currencies. Because the solution initially more comfortable, ie assurance ECB, is not granted and will depend on external (primarily Merkel feels that there seems) is absolutely amazing that the debate around the one of two possible ways out entirely dependent on our will, return to the lira, is zero. Apart from some isolated voice and some newspaper article a little 'folk no serious debate, no party that expresses an opinion about this, no information. Nothing at all. It is from this summer, when there was time and opportunity to think about the real problems that we try to put the issue on the table. Dead silence. The winning numbers crunchers site dismissed the question with a paginettina (a) to pursue legal Pietro Manzini instead comic reviews on the subject as the study of the spread between Italian government bonds and the Spanish ones, useful stuff like a ice cream cone as to who is drowning. Instead we need to think, now, since yesterday, because at least one thing should be clear: you can not think that the parliament in office (and the more the government technicians) can make a commitment to such radical decisions without consulting the people, or by a referendum or new elections where these issues are an integral part of the electoral programs.
Like the Mountains think we know from his writings, his point of arrival is the Europe of technocrats, who also took a superparlamento driving economic and tax leaving the nation states (perhaps) the autonomy on the colors of planters. If this plan appeals to everyone's fine, but if the political forces he was a bit 'of the spine have a moral duty to prepare the alternative because it is said that the delaying tactics still work, the markets could precipitate the situation at any moment, and then we no longer have decision-making autonomy. This implies that informs policy and informs and opens a serious debate on the return to the lira without absolutist positions (typical: "It would be a disaster," as if this was heaven) never supported by a shred of reasoning. 

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