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samedi 24 décembre 2011

ITALY: Free and paid by the state: the hard life of former RED BRIGADE Terrorist


Free and paid by the state: the hard life of former br

Jannelli Maurice, convicted Via Fani, collaborates with Raitre. Silvia Baraldini has done consulting for the addition of Veltroni. The coop also receives funding from Mario Moretti from the Lombardy Region

by  - 
Gian Marco Chiocci Stephen Zurlo 

They came in twos and threes, and are now almost all out. With some restrictions, or now completely free. The former terrorists have returned dell'ultrasinistra in society. "It went well," summed up Maurice Bignami, former commander of the first line. Some work in cooperatives, which offer a chance of reintegration of ex-prisoners, others have taken different paths. Some even came in institutions, throwing away the past as a bulky backpack, and is paid by the State fought in his youth. Recently, Leonardo Conti, the son of the former mayor of Florence Lando Conti, who was killed by the Red Brigades February 10, 1986, the Region of Tuscany has placed two very uncomfortable questions: How many families of the victims of terrorism work for the Region or the Province or related entities in Florence and Tuscany? And how many former terrorists? Pending is the Journal groped in a census. Conrad "Frederick" Founder Students Br, 58, arrested in 1978 after being passed in the joint training fighters. In 1980 he tried to escape from San Vittore with Vallanzasca, in 2003 wrote a book with other authors ("The bank robbery, history, theory, practice"), is out of jail for years, working in a co-op information. Vittorio " Alvaro "Antonini already responsible for the Roman column Br, involving seizure Dozier, who was arrested in 1985, is under surveillance since 2000. Each day in and out of prison to work outside. Chaired by the cultural association Rebibbia Papillon-promoter of the protest in 2004 was extended to all prisons in Italy. He had the honor of being summoned to the Deputies Committee-Justice to discuss the problems of the galleys. Denied that he was searched in jail after the murder D'Antona. Lauro Azzolini Executive Member of the Red Brigades in the process Moro, 62, three life sentences, the man who shot Montanelli, is free. From semi-free began to work in a coop that deals with non-profit sector, disabled people, for the Company of Works. Balzerani Barbara Several life sentences at the top of the first Red Brigades-PCC, author of the book "Comrade Moon" for Feltrinelli, has worked with the coop Blow Up Trastevere specialized in computer music. Arrested in 1985 obtained the first permit in the early nineties. Silvia Baraldini convicted by the U.S. to 43 years in prison for subversive association, was released for health reasons getting, December 27, 2002, a collaboration with the junta Veltroni. To advocate the renewal of the contract to provide advice on women's work, in 2003, was the councilor of the PRC Communist Luigi Nieri. The association of the victims complained in the prosecution. murderess Marco Barbone The journalist Walter Tobagi has repented and returned free. He works in a print shop in Milan. Cecco Bellosi Former member of the column, Walter Alasia, in handcuffs in 1980, sentenced to 12 years, free in 1989. Chaired by a rehabilitation center for addicts to Nessus working with the association Lila. Vittorio Bolognese-Colonel of the Red Brigades guerrilla party, is under surveillance since September 2000. He worked as a computer operator to co-op where he found Roman Parsec Pancella, Piccinino and other ex-irreducible. Bonisoli Franco Commando Brigade in Via Fani, lifer, 13 years in prison, dissociated, is free. He made ​​the chart in a coop in Sesto San Giovanni, a company working in environmental services. Besuschio Paola His name was made ​​by the Red Brigades during the Moro kidnapping, was detained, he wanted in exchange for the release of the leading AD. Work in a cooperative statistics.Braghetti former companion of Anna Laura Prospero Gallinari, is involved in the murder of Judge Vittorio Bachelet, is the jailer of Aldo Moro in Via Montalcini, known as "Ms. Altobelli 'sentenced to life imprisonment. He has written several books, worked every day since 1994 the organization of volunteer close to DS, "Air Time" who is interested in the problems of prisoners. In 2002 he obtained his parole. Paul Deposit exponent among the hardest of the armed party, burst behind convictions, is semi-free for quite a while. He works steadily at the coop December 32, connected to the District Multipurpose Centre around which gravitate old acquaintances of the years of lead, such as saws and Cecilia Bruno Massara. Geraldina Colotti Militant of UCC, a former philosophy teacher, wounded in a firefight in January 1987, Roman worked at Coop 32 December, is now used to the daily newspaper Il Manifesto, where he also works the former Bierre Francesco Piccioni, parole since 1999. Bierre Anna Cotton Former Party of the ferocious guerrilla, who was involved in the kidnapping of former Councillor Cyril Cyrus dc , who was arrested in 1982, under surveillance for years, has worked since 2002 in the Political Secretariat of the Communist Refoundation dell'europarlamentare, Morgantini. founder and ideologue of Renato Curcio Br, toured Italy lecturing in schools, universities, city councils, presents his books at festivals of the parties. On TV, on Berlusconi's Canale 5, arrived to say that the victims are 70 years of his comrades dead on the field. For ten years, is head of editorial coop "Sensitive to the leaves," which deals with studies on the armed struggle, prison and drug ridden by Don Gallo latter issue, the rival of Genoa parish priest, who presented the book edited by Curcio with Dario For. Sentenced to 30 years, he served 24, is semi-free since 1993. Alessandra De Luca Moro She Brigade in the process, is under surveillance for some time. She was nominated by the regional party Bertinotti of Lazio, but could not make it. Roberto Del Bello Former RB Venetian column, sentenced to 4 years and 7 months for armed gang, now works as a secretary at the Interior Ministry of Francesco Bonato , Secretary of the Interior for the Communist Refounding. Sergio D'Elia, Director of Frontline, he spent 12 years in prison. Released and obtained the rehabilitation, he joined the Radical Party. In 2006 he was elected to the House in the list of Rose in the Fist of the classroom and became secretary of Deputies. Among controversy and protests. Adriana Faranda is part of the strategic direction of the Red Brigades, soon joined the "dissociation" gaining freedom. Is released in 1990 and entrusted the work of Don Calabria, where he worked on the computer. He wrote books, did the photographer. Show ends with Constantius, and endless controversy. Fornasieri Diego, along with other former inmates is active in the non-profit organization through social cooperative of organic products "Arete". First line of guerrilla, receives a sentence of 30 years in 1983. Free.Alberto Franceschini. With Curcio Founder of the Red Brigades in 1983 dissociates. Today she works in Rome with the association for prisoners Braghetti "Air Time". Sentenced to more than 50 years in prison, was released from prison in 1992 after 17 years in prison.He writes books, participates in conferences. Prospero Gallinari member of the commando who shot the cover of Moro in Via Fani, head of the "people's prison" is free for many years for heart problems. Claudia Joy Pimpernel of Communist Combatants Unit underwent a sentence to 28 years in prison for the murder of General Giorgieri and wounding economist from Empoli. It is on parole since January 2005. Ends in 1991 intercepted while talking in the cell with a br Meloria attempt recovery of UCC. Ghignoni RB Eugene Pius condemned the process involved and More, is in charge of General Affairs Department of the University Roma Tre, care safety .. . Jannelli Maurizio Roman Capocolonna Already the Red Brigades, a life sentence for various crimes (including the massacre in via Fani) worked as a writer at RAI since 1999. For the TG3 followed "The business of living", "Italian Diary," "Residence Bastogi," is on the staff of the sports media "Challenges." He wrote "Princesa" book about a suicidal transsexual. Since 2003 is conditional. Ligas Natalia Name of battle "Angela", the hard-Party of the Red Brigades guerrilla who participated in the massacre of Piazza Nicosia in Rome, convicts, permits award since 1998, is semi-free since 2000, despite not has never deviated. Giorgieri Mauritius Locust Participate in crime (24 years worth), is extradited from France in March 1988, after a few years and is taken out of the Lelio Basso Foundation-Issoco as "assistant reference room." Francis Maietta Former militant of the UCC, heavy sentences, works part time in an important institution since 1990. He married in 1998 in Ostia with a girl of Caritas. Among the guests, the former president Francesco Cossiga. Marcetta Ex Corrado first line, is now director of the Foundation Michelucci in Fiesole. Nadia Mantovani Diff, sentenced to 20 years for belonging to Br, gets probation in January '93 when it suffers two thirds the sentence.Former girlfriend of Renato Curcio, is one of the founders of the association for the rehabilitation of offenders' Towards Home. " On 23 August 2004, the year on its performance lead Rimini to the meeting was very successful among the public of Cl. Mario Moretti The number one Br, leading the strategic direction, participates in the Moro kidnapping, after 17 years in prison, 9 clandestine and 6 life sentences in 1994 he obtained permission to go to scale. Once outside, exterior work, promoted volunteerism.Computer scientist involved in the founding of the Cooperative made ​​up of former Spes irreducible differentiated. The co-op get the various contributions, including from the Lombardy Region, together with the association "variable geometry" seeks "non-alienating forms of work for prisoners." He writes books. Morucci Valerio. The former postman 55 days of the Red Brigades during the Moro case, discounted 17 years in prison, dissociated, is free. Author of best-selling books (the latest, "The worst of Youth") winners of literary awards with "The Collector" (the sixth edition of "Experiences in yellow") works as a computer consultant. Roberto Ognibene. Enjoys the benefits due to the law on differentiated and works as a clerk to the City of Bologna. Hail Mary Petricola This year the Province of Rome took over this former repentant Brigade, Moor recurring name in the process, as head of the center of Torre Angela, VII Hall Capital, which finds jobs for the unemployed. Freed in 1987, in 2004 we find in the list of regional social workers. Pancella Remo Killer militarist wing Red Brigades' Column March 28, "the former employee of the Post Seizure D'Urso, is blocked by the police on June 7 1982. Pluricondannato, is part of a social co-op (which has hosted other former terrorists red). Sardinian Marco Pinna Soldier column of Br, is vice president of environmental coop "Ecotopia." Susanna Ronconi historical figure of the Tuscan section of the Front Line, the Group works Abel in Turin where he is responsible for the so-called 'Unit of the road. " In 1987 he earned allowed the first-prize for its dissociation. It has been a consultant to local health authorities and municipalities of northern Italy, collaborated in the publication of "Report on the global rights" by the Association for Information & Society National CGIL. A query of Gasparri (An) and Giovanardi (CCD) as the beneficiary of a consultation report by the then Turkish Minister Livia. Senzani The John "criminologists" of Br-party guerrilla, irreducible to the core, already suspected of being The Grand Old Man of the Moro kidnapping, life imprisonment for the murder of his brother repented of Patrick Peel, released in 1999 but a year after probation is behind the desk of a documentation center of Tuscany called the 'culture of democratic legality "and inserted in Informacarcere project. In 2001 it was discovered that the center could clone all acts, even those secrets, the parliamentary committee on the massacres. It is the coordinator of the publishing house Editions Battle of the left. Marco Suleiman Ex First line, is now director of the DS to the Municipality of Livorno. For about ten years is a volunteer assistant to the prison in charge of Livorno Arch. Nicholas Suleiman. Former First-line, sentenced to 22 years in Michelucci Foundation works in Fiesole, founded in 1982 by the Tuscany Region and the municipalities of Pistoia and Fiesole. The Region of Tuscany has been a consultant for the new law to protect the Roma and Sinti people and among the coordinators of an international campus as part of the Regional Port, on behalf of the Department of Culture of the Region. 

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