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lundi 5 décembre 2011

SELECTED BLOGS: LO STRANIERO Antonio Socci.//No longer remain silent, Mother Church, but cries out and defend your children.

No longer remain silent, Mother Church, but cries out and defend your children.

There is something amazing - to me, a Catholic - in the silence of the Church against what is happening in Italy and Europe (as in front of the bloody war on Libya to the drums of war coming from the Middle East around the arms Iranian nuclear).
The bishops and the Holy See have accustomed us to a major intervention (for many even exaggerated).
It 'so odd that for weeks has not heard a word about a crisis that threatens to engulf Europe and the world and has its epicenter in Italy.
Yet it is the most serious crisis since World War II (even the invitation - that I allowed myself to do - an initiative of prayer for Italy has been collected).  
The scenario is wretched states. Personally, I frowned upon the birth of this government, hoping for a big national reconciliation and economic recovery (I was one of the few, in this newspaper, to support it).
I still hope to succeed.
But I must admit that now the disappointment is great not only for the fall style, arrogance or the wrong time. Especially since we announced measures disastrous for the Italians and the economy in general .
The families of our country are being hit by a blow of unprecedented size of the state and the Italian bishops - who continually and rightly raised their voice to a month ago asking for the "family quotient" and "growth" - does not utter a word.
They seem intimidated by the professors. But so fleeced taxpayers with personal income tax and ICI does not seem a performance by "luminaries" It would have been able to any politician.
By "scientists" so celebrated were expected to eventually cut off the waste, non-health (which is already in its death throes). They had to go to tax accounts in Switzerland (as did Germany and France) and do not bleed even more honest taxpayers who have already brought to their knees by the IRS.
They should have at last put-income (perhaps to secure the debt) the enormous public property, not starving families and hit the sick, depressing the economy even more .
On the other hand, if these "professors" were so good economists were not so enthusiastic at the time the euro magnified as the way to paradise. When it was the road to hell.
Now they were called to fix things. But the fear is that they are not doctors, but the disease. Also because it is the monetarist discipline that created the problem, therefore, can not be the solution.
The birth of the government of technicians has already been a blow to democracy (by the way: where are those who have screamed so far against the "porcellum" and the parliament of appointed? How do you pleasure a government not elected by anyone? ).
But now there is added a blow to civil liberty and economic well because the additional tax harassment (moreover with police measures) leads to a drastic reduction of freedom.
The state is increasingly in control of our lives, our possessions, our work and this is dramatic.
Where is Marcegaglia screaming against the tax burden and that every day protesting the "growth"? And 'being a formidable passage of wealth from the families (their savings) to other destinations. And the Italians are defenseless.
All the controversy over caste (concentrated only on the policy) led to this, that no reduction of privileges plus a new caste dominating tecnobancaria suspended by a democracy. PDL, and also the silent consent.
This general lack of debate, critical positions, the silence of the Italian bishops is not known. But is there and it weighs.
I do not agree with of course the nasty suspicion of those who insinuated that the CEI would be covered to prevent the government open the file "ic of ecclesiastical bodies" and "eight per thousand".
But just because I do not believe this allegation I expect that the bishops make their voices heard loudly.
It is "Future" which celebrated the supposed "return" of Catholics in politics thanks to the conference of Todi? It is not in Todi who was shot down the previous government?
Well, yesterday, just the star of Todi, that the leader Bonanni of the CISL - which was arbitrarily considered for the occasion, the official voice of the Catholic world - appeared disappointed with the caretaker government that does not care about him and the CISL.
Those of Todi Catholics were "disposable". Today, no longer needed.
"Corriere della Sera", which with the "Republic" Bonanni considered the declaration as the coup de grace of the Church on the Berlusconi government, yesterday recalled "ruthlessly" with the center-right government that Bonanni had a direct line: virtually the CISL weighed enormously.
Today less than two trump. And this is the "victory" of Todi.
Among the few critical voices is that of Giuseppe de Rita, the Censis report.
He reported that the crisis is the "no Government of globalized finance", now that we "direct hetero, given the propensity of European offices to dictate the agenda" and that politics is "a prisoner of the primacy of financial powers" .
In essence, the citizens do not count anything, "the primacy of the market bottom, the top leadership of the apex bodies of financial power." So dies democracy and the economy because "it is certainly not finance development."
It sounds like a heavy complaint, but was virtually ignored. Even though De Rita Catholic at home is always the sociologist of reference of the Italian Church (last year there was even an ecclesial movement that has done the previous Censis Report - which in 2010 was gray and obscure - a topic of public discussion : today nothing at all).
Impress also that the set of European bishops and the Holy See, which so strongly called for the recall to "Christian roots" in the European Constitution to assist in total silence now possible breakup of Europe itself.
Yet they were Catholics (De Gasperi, Schuman, Adenauer) to build European unity, while the technocrats who have rejected the "Christian roots" have taken her to the brink of the abyss .
And the "case-Merkel Germany"?
Even the two great statesmen as German Kohl and Schmidt criticized the absurd rigidity of Merkel (a Protestant grew up under communism in the GDR).
Greater or better than the German pope could speak to the people to tell him that generosity and solidarity as well would agree with him?
There would be no need to remind the Germans after the First World War, just the brutal imposition by the winners of the "reparations" threw Germany (and Europe) in the crisis.
While the Second World War - when the Germans deserved much heavier retribution - instead of the Marshall Plan were American. And everyone agreed. It 'just proof that the magnanimity builds prosperity and peace.
It should be remembered that their German friends to reunification (with equality of the mark) in the part we all paid.
And yet they seek to impose sanctions on others, but do not accept for themselves (as we know it was they, with France, to stray on the Stability Pact in 2003. And they had no penalties).
The Germans have no historical memory. And the establishment of a strong currency, against the specter of inflation, has no historical foundation: in fact open the door to Hitler was not the first post-war inflation, but the depression (and unemployment) for the crisis of 1929 .  
Who, more and better of the Church, may now remind the Germans that the duty of solidarity towards a Europe that devastated Germany with its horror? There will also earn them .
We hope you raise a voice ...
Antonio Socci
From "LIBERO", December 4, 2011

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