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dimanche 18 juillet 2010

Scalability, Omori law, earthquakes, aftershocks of aftershocks of aftershocks, long term dependance ( memory) and Prices......

Markets & Prices are scalable
Prices behaviors have  shown  - a  long -short term dependence as well as in seismology and in seismicity rates changes...
" ....Laboratory observations and theoretical models indicate that earthquake nucleation is highly time-dependent and consists of a long interval of self-driven accelerating slip. The dimensions of the nucleation zone follow scaling relations for the minimum critical length for unstable slip, and also define a minimum fault length for earthquake slip. A formulation for earthquake rates, which is derived using rate- and state-dependent friction, forms the basis of an integrated approach to quantitatively model the effects of stress changes on earthquake rates. Foreshocks, aftershocks, and triggering phenomena are modeled. The earthquake rate formulation has been used in an inverse mode to infer stress changes from changes of seismicity rates. "
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to be continued..

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