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dimanche 26 décembre 2010

Democracy? What a heck?

Long time ago E.D was correctly assessing in two lines the fault of a model of power which is simply a joke...(cfr: bookoflannes "Democracy?What a  Heck?" (March 2010)

"...People talk a lot about the expansion of democratic government with the fall of the Soviet Bloc. The real issue isn't democracy versus tyranny. It's individual choice versus control imposed by big forces, whether it's big government or mass media. Quite simply, democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority. In more and more spheres of life, ranging from your choice of breakfast cereal to the school where you send your children, to the books you read or what you see on your screen, we're moving to a fragmented individual-choice world. It's not between democracy and tyranny. It's decentralization. More and more things are chosen individually. It's the primacy of the small unit. You can now be as efficient in a small unit as you are in a big unit....."

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