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dimanche 26 décembre 2010

What will Change Everithing? After Brokman's Book ,an interesting video from "Genoa Science Festival"

Stewart BrandClay Shirky - Moderator: John Brockman Palazzo Ducale Sala del Maggior ConsiglioNovember 6th (Announcement
What will change everything? The web as a revolution of thought. Explained by three guru of contemporary thought: Stewart Brand, John Brockman and Clay Shirky
"John Brockman has thrown the stone in the pond of the debate using the prophetic words of Danny Hillis, uttered in 1996: "Many people think that the Net is the Internet, but doing so will lose something. Because the Internet is a new breeding ground where they can grow many things, and the Net is only the first of these, potentially endless. The Network is an old media embedded in a new environment. " This new environment is not merely change the context of our lives but has re-created ourselves. A powerful and subtle revolution. The Internet has not only changed our daily lives and our habits: it has entered into our minds, changing our way of thinking. No one has voted for or against the introduction of printing, electricity, radio, telephone, the airplane. Nobody has ever expressed about the penicillin antibiotic, to space travel and even less on the personal computer. Nor about the Internet, mobile phones and sequencing the human genome. Yet today, in the environment of absolute interactivity, this may seem a paradox. Here, then, the question: what will happen in the near future? Will future decisions concerning technology be treated as if they will vitally important? John Brockman, Stewart Brand,and Clay Shirky will try to give an answer and move beyond the limits of our current horizon. Technology. But not only."

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