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jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Would You Take Marital Advice From an Economist?

 Interesting subject. It deserves more attention , being the marital status nothing more than an Economic Contract   where  sentimental reasons are in  Foreground shadowing the real background. No cynical approach, just how things are and how are spelled.
Let's face it.


Would You Take Marital Advice From an Economist?

Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson, authors of the new bookSpousonomics, are seeking marital advice from economists on their blog. Their “Economists in Love” series asks amusing (yet pragmatic) questions such as “Which is a better way to divide the housework: 50/50 or comparative advantage?” and “Is your marriage a repeated game? And if so, what kinds of things have you learned with each iteration?” First up on the advice roster was our own Dan Hamermesh. Game theorist Jeff Ely has also weighed in.

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