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mercredi 16 mars 2011

EXCHANGES Response After Disasters - Courtesy of Economist

A short note to the chart. I wasn't there in 1941, when Japanese attacked Pereal Harbour , so I cannot testimony how markets reacted. Nut I was in front of the screens the reminders - with a delayed exception of Kobe  1995.
What makes this event dramatically different  from the others is the explosive reaction. The world eventually realized that the "case" and the interconnections among any aspect of reality are REALS.
When the terrible tsunami hit Thai & Indonesia , we were short of an enormous ( for us) number of gold contracts ( 45) since end November and adding. The event DID NOT affected at all the outcome.
Even more singular is Katrina: Mr Market instead of a dip remained actually flat and than went north up. We all wondered what a hell of world was that one ... 
Images of destruction where on CNBC and CNN with no care from the trades.
Different in the cases of  9/11, or the London tube  Bombing the latter limited to one day.
Seems like "explosive & weapons" (the real panic was and it is just for the Nuclear Plants out of control) create an incontrollable panic in mass behaviors...
Not even the Begenning of Iraq war wass an havoc, actually markets jumped up  for the very reason that most bids were on Army & Tech & Oil Corporations... 

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