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lundi 7 mars 2011

The Politics Philosophy Economics enterprise: Common Hobbesian roots and perspectives

You scream by how beautiful is this article....

The PPE enterprise: Common Hobbesian roots and perspectives

  1. Hartmut Kliemt
    1. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany


Conceptualizing behavior decision theoretically as being ‘pulled’ (by an expected future) is fundamentally different from conceptualizing it as ‘pushed’ (or determined by past conditions according to causal laws). However, the fundamental distinction between teleological and non-teleological explanations not withstanding, decision-theoretic and evolutionary ‘ways of world making’ lead to strikingly similar forms of political, philosophical, and economic models. Common Hobbesian roots can account historically for the emergence of such a common ‘PPE’ outlook, while a game-theoretic framework of indirect evolution can accommodate the fundamental methodological tension between teleological and non-teleological approaches or the ‘humanities' and the ‘science’ traditions in PPE’s disciplines.

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