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mardi 27 septembre 2011


  • European bureaucrats now have a 3 rumor a day minimum quota to get paid their socialistbux (tyler durden)

  • In short, Germany's coalition FDP party threatens to kill The EFSF if Liesman's rumormill does not stop. Now what? (tyler durden)
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  • ECB's Bini Smaghi says ECB bond-buying programme helps markets to find equilibrium ...he has no idea what equilibrium looks like. stop manipulating non-assets prices and the "market" will tell you where the equilibrium is 
  • Bini Smaghi he's out of sync with reality, as many of his colleagues. I often defined B.S. as very dangerous.Most are UNAWARE of this: when Draghi was chosen as Central Banker , BS refused to step down from his position in respect to an unwritten rule. A Country cannot have more than "x" #'s of individuals on the board especially while at the helm. Good or bad is an equilibrium. So by rule BS had to hand out his "chair" to a French. But BS repeatedly refused "criyng", polemically  and pubblicy protesting and asking help to... the Italian Republic president. The reason?...he had no other SURE POSITION. This are European bureaucrats, this is ECB , this is Bini Smaghi. Let's drop he's useless speeches , opinions and UNSOLD BOOKS and let him sweep the Bocconi unaware and fresh audience backed by what-would-I-do-but-unable-to "President" of Bocconi ( ever heard of President position by himself? Dean and President  but just president...)Mario Monti(Waltz Lannes)

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