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jeudi 5 avril 2012

SELECTED DOCS: Intellettualism and Weltanschauung

..Here there is only to emphasize that there is a possible third term of reference beyond both intellectualism anti-intellectualism that, for overcoming the "culture" of bourgeois intonation. This is the Weltanschauung. The worldview is not based on the books, but on an internal form and having a sensitivity of a character not acquired but innate.It is essentially a disposition and attitude, not of theory or of culture, disposition and attitude that concern not only invest but also the mental domain of feeling and willing, inform the character, occur in reactions with the same Safety of instinct, give evidence to a given meaning of existence. Normally the vision of the world, rather than being individual thing proceeds from a tradition, is the effect of organic forces to which a given type of society where their form; at the same time, the subiect, it manifests as a kind of "inner race" as an existential structure. In any different from the modern civilization was indeed a "world view", not "culture" to permeate the different strata of society. And if culture and conceptual thinking were present, they did not have the leadership, their function was that of simple means of expression, of organs in the service of the worldview. It is not believed that a "pure thought" were to find the truth and give meaning to the existence of the party thought it was rather, in fact, to clarify what had already existed and that sense and as direct evidence, first of all speculation in the product of thought, therefore, had only a symbolic value, the sign indicator - in this respect the conceptual expression not having a privileged status compared to other possible forms of expression. In these earlier civilizations were formed rather by evocative images, from symbols in the proper sense, to be myths. Today, things could be otherwise, given the growing, hypertrophic cerebralization of Western man.Imports, however, do not confuse the essential with the accessory, that the reports mentioned are acknowledged and maintained, ie, where "culture" and "intelligentsia" are present, they have only part of the instrumental and expressive than anything more deep and organic that is precisely the vision of the world. And the vision of the world may be more accurate in a particular man without education than in a writer, in the soldier, a strain nell'appartenente aristocrat and peasant land that is not true to the intellectual middle class, the "professor" or journalist. About all this, you are in Italy, and not just recently, in a very disadvantageous position, because who does good and bad times, who dominates the press, in academic scholarship and criticism, organizing real monopolizzatrici Freemasonry, it is the worst type of the intellectual, who knows nothing of what is really spiritual, human wholeness, thought consistent with sound principles (2).The "culture" in the modern sense ceases to be a danger only when those who use it already possesses a world view. Only then will you be active with respect to it: just because then you already have an internal form as a sure guide as to what can be assimilated and what needs to be rejected - more or less as in all the different processes of assimilation of organic All this is quite obvious it has not been systematically disregarded by the liberal, individualistic, and among its harmful to the "free culture" made available to everyone and that thought propounded, it should be written that way for so many minds devoid of the faculty to discriminate the second right judgment, which already has a lot of minds not their shape, their "world view", you are in a state of fundamental powerlessness in the face of the spiritual influences of all kinds. This deleterious situation, touted as an achievement and progress, proceeds from a premise that is the exact opposite of the truth: that is, it is assumed that, unlike that of previous eras, these "oscurantistiche", modern man is the ' adult men spiritually, and therefore able to judge and see for itself (and the very premise of "democracy" in its modern polemic against every principle of authority). This is pure infatuation never, as in modern times, there was an equal amount of men tell inwardly, men who on that account are open to any suggestion and any ideological intoxication, so as to become slaves, often without the least suspecting it, the psychic currents and their manipulation to the intellectual, political and social environment in which they live.But on this, it would be a long speech. These notes on the "world view", which complete the terms of the problem dealt speaking of the new realism, because the plan specify where the problem is posed and solved in dell'antiborghesia sign, as there may not be anything worse than a reaction against intellectual intellectualism. If the fog will lift, it would likely be the "world view" that, beyond any "culture" must unite or divide by drawing impassable borders of the soul, that even in a political movement it is the primary elementbecause only a vision of the world has the power to crystallize a given type of human being and therefore set the tone specific to a given community.Now, the line of communism there have been cases in which something has begun to penetrate up to such a depth. It did not hurt a contemporary politician has spoken of a deep internal change and that, in terms of manifesting almost an obsession, it produces in those who truly adhere to communism: they are mutated in thinking, acting. We think it is but an alteration or contamination fundamental human but it reaches, in cases in question, the level of existential reality, which does not happen at all in those who react to starting positions and bourgeois intellectualist. The possibilities of revolutionary-conservative depends on the extent to which the same terms can act the opposite idea, that the traditional idea, aristocratic, anti-proletarian - enough to give rise to a new realism and shape, acting as a view of life, to a specific type of anti-bourgeois man, as the substance of the new phone: elites, beyond the crisis of each value individualistic and unrealistic.

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