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lundi 14 mai 2012

SELECTED BLOGS: ANTONIO SOCCI//How about Germany was right ?

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How about Germany was right ?It is believed to be a counterproductive strategy. And most observers also judged that it was the shortsightedness of the German government to prevent the rescue of Greece when it was still time.

All these criticisms are well founded and many more they could do (within reason, for example, please note that Germany and France were the first Europeans to violate the parameters).

They talk about it in the newspapers for months.
 However there is a fact which reflects little or nothing: Germany really the case, or even the "economic miracle" in Germany.

All Europe is in recession and the German mark instead of an increase in GDP of 3 percent per annum.
 Their economy is growing. Their business profits grind.

Salaries and wages are far higher than ours (to name a few: annual net salary of a bus driver is 28 000 euros, a mason 30 000, 40 000 of a foreman, a primary school teacher 38 000)

Their inflation is under control, at 2 percent.
 The public debt to 80 percent. Their technology is advanced and won and exporting all over the world. I am a free and civilized country.

The services are efficient and if the tax (around 35 per cent) is much lower than our own (which is around 43-44 percent).

It looks like the categorical denial of all those new world scenarios that now are drawn, that - for example - the former Minister Tremonti track in his books and of which I myself am convinced for some time.

I believe that these scenarios are true.
 But you should recognize that the German case in fact blatantly contradicts them.

It speaks of the end of national sovereignty and the primacy of politics in favor of markets, and there is not.
 It speaks of the financialization of the economy that destroys the real economy and there is not.

We talk about sunset of manufacturing in Europe and relocation, and there's not (unemployment is at historically low levels in two decades this part).

There is talk of inevitable and progressive impoverishment of our countries and cancellation of the "welfare state" and there is the other way (including the warranties are high for workers and trade unions are very powerful: even sit on the boards of large companies

There is talk of conflict between marketism and democracy, which leads to technocracy, and there we have instead an economic system governed even by the formidable political team of the twentieth century: that is, on the one hand and the Social Democrats with the concurrence of the other liberal and green (the phase
 decisive restructuring recently, between 2005 and 2009, was jointly managed by Social Democrats and Christian Democrats).

You can even see in the German political class a certain normalcy clumsy, difficult to propose a global player.
 But after all it is good that they have shelved the drunkenness of the "Germanic spirit," for which Hegel already proclaimed: "The Spirit is the Spirit of the new Germanic World, whose goal is realization of the Absolute Truth."

The German ruling class has retreated into a "banal" (but great for us) dimension of good governance and efficiency.

And, in fact, there is the economic welfare even increasing, while in rapid regression in the rest of Europe: although the salaries of the Germans have to top the world, these days it comes to substantial wage increases and even
 Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble calls them (the metalworkers' unions demand an increase of 6.5 percent and employers offering 3 per cent).

Will be made with the aim of expanding consumption growth to drag this the rest of Europe.

They will say: but they did not have a huge historical problem for us as our South.
 Not at all. West Germany twenty years ago has incorporated the former East Germany, which had been reduced by communism much worse to our south

He literally rebuilt and treated making them catch up in a few years to decades.
 We will say that he did well with the rest of Europe and now shows you ungrateful.

This is partly true.
 But we also have great resources available from Europe: if Italy is the country less able to spend the European funds is the fault of the Germans? Or should we just blame ourselves?

The "great waste" of European money thrown to the wind is even worsened by the Nineties to the present and, consequently, the less developed regions of our South fell even more in the European ranking of deprived areas, while the average wealth per capita in the regions
 Southern declined severely since 2001 (but also other funds remain unused, not just the South).

We should be helping us face the disaster of the Italian public administration up to ask if you should commissariare certain southern regions.

Meditating on "If Germany" I recognize that - contrary to what I thought months ago - a bit 'of "Germanization" we would do very well.

The German political class does not seem made of superman and genes, yet rises to the challenge of the year.
 Our politicians should strictly examine themselves (or at least the voters will do) and recognize the difference.

And so our unions and our entrepreneurial class.

But even we ourselves, as citizens.
 We have nothing less than the Germans. In the recent past we have made an economic miracle that has nothing to envy to the German.

There is missing or creativity, or the taste of the work.
 We live in a wonderful country full of treasures of art and culture. We have a backbone industry in Europe if they're playing with France and is second only to Germany.

So instead of lamenting the cynicism German or expect salvation from the outside, we pull out our capabilities, our commitment and our ingenuity.
 Let us be a united and inclusive, where everyone does his duty.

Let the ruling classes at the historic moment.
 We accept to change many things.

Europe virtuous will remind the Germans that they have a duty in most other peoples of the community, having ravaged the continent with the inhuman savagery of Nazism.

Because after 1945 the victorious powers could wipe out Germany for two hundred years.
 Instead the United States sponsored the "Marshall Plan" to rebuild and they did.So do the memory of this magnanimity that was used with them.

However, except Italy and Germany will warn with this historical argument.
 Because about Second World War did not have what it takes.

Our winning argument, therefore, can and should be only the present, our commitment, our ability to build and our seriousness.

Antonio Socci

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