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vendredi 24 décembre 2010

Dont criticize and live your own life.

A thoughtful desire :mixing Simmel and la Legion . 

  • How close are the sense of " craftsmanship" and pure intelectuals contributions: being a soldier with an absolute detachment from money but doing excellently what has been assigned to you "is" craftsmanship. 

  • How far are we from the inner sense of the objects and of real values. 

  • "It is the hard way"- he says. There are no soft ways. Unless you cheat.

Merry Christmas.

Dont criticize and live your own life.

it's the hard way, dont criticize and live your own life, we don't want you to criticize our passion. 
This is what I want, this is a way of life different from the others. 

Every thing you accomplish is satisfying for the rest of your life. Life itself has no point, humans give life a point. 
Don't criticize live your life and we live ours. 

Stay away from the legionnaires, if not. On te decoupe la guele en pti morceaux et on envoy tous par poste pour ta mere. aller TA GUELE.

Legio Patria Nostra

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